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An introduction…

Are you someone who is interested in knowing more about random things? I am too! My inherently curious nature causes me to ask questions ,that are silly or don’t make sense, all the time! So I thought, why not make a blog out of it for those other unique people like me… as you can see, I finally did make the blog. So, welcome!

More about the author…

who am I? Well, I am a student, who is supposed to be studying, but is actually wasting her time doing things that she probably should not be doing. Lol (laughing out loud) that is actually true.

So let me note down some points about myself.

1.I am an avid reader, who has read ,quite literally, hundreds of books. And please don’t ask me to name all of the books because my short memory span hardly recollects much.
2.I have a younger brother, who like all siblings is an irritating nuisance that I love with all of my heart.

3. Like all teens, I also love music, mainly pop and hip hop stuff, but I am open to other genres of music as well.

4. I love pizzas. I love them . I don’t like them, no, I LOVE them.

5. I am infatuated with lame jokes. No, not the kind that you try out and no one fails to get, but the kind where everyone gets it and just politely smile when they really wanna suffocate you…

here’s some for other fans(like me)

  1. I sent ten puns to my friends hoping they would make him laugh. But no pun-in-ten-did
  2. when does a joke turn in to a dad joke? When it becomes apparent.
  3. why didn’t the bullet get a job? He kept getting fired

these are all jewels, some really funny ones. I hope they made you cringe, yet smile at the same time. Also, if you have any jokes that you would like to share with me, you can check my contacts for more information on how to contact me.

6. I believe in gender equality, and for those who don’t, shame on you. I believe in feminism, but I make sure that I support equity and not equality.( if you don’t know what equity means, just look it up)

That’s all I can think of, for now. I’m sure that as soon as I log out, a hundred thoughts and suggestions on what I could’ve written will bombard me, but that’s my burden to bear.

how often will I be uploading ?

let me be honest with yall, I don’t know. Another thing about me is that I’m too lazy to make the effort to start doing something. But once I start, I more often than not, complete my task. So I can assure you that although I might not be like the other bloggers who post content every day, I will do my best to be regular, and post some content at least every week.

What if I, as a reader, have a question that I’d like to ask and get an answer to?

Are you also ,like me, in a constant state of conflict with your mind, not knowing answers to questions like ‘ why did humans originally think that the earth was flat?’ or ‘which came first, the egg or the chicken ?’ Firstly, it’s awesome that your mind is active and curious enough for you to be constantly asking questions about something. It’s not something that all people can do.
secondly, you can just ask me. Yes, just ask me on my mail ( which I have provided in contacts , as I mentioned earlier) . But you must understand that I may not reply to you immediately. I, too, will have to do some research to find the answer. Sometimes, research can take not more than an hour, and sometimes it may take a few days. But I will get back to you, and that’s a sure thing.

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