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An introduction…

Are you someone who is interested in knowing more about random things? Me too! My inherently curious nature causes me to ask questions that are silly or don’t make sense all the time! So I thought, why not make a blog out of it for those other unique people like me… as you can see , after a lot of procrastination,I finally did make the blog. So, welcome!

What is this blog about?

simply put, this blog is a place where I and people like me can find interesting answers to questions often left unasked. I might also post poems , articles on psychology, or just my opinion on certain things with a structured debate explaining my thought process. This blog is kind of like my bus, for me to reach my final destination, and for you to hop on and enjoy the view. Interested in taking a ride? Well, you can read some of my posts to find out if this really is for you, and I honestly hope it is.

how often will I be uploading ?

let me be honest with y’all, I don’t know. But, I can assure you that although I might not be like the other bloggers who post content every day, I will do my best to be regular, and post some content at least every 2 weeks.

What if I, as a reader, have a question that I’d like to ask and get an answer to?

Are you also ,like me, in a constant state of conflict with your mind, not knowing answers to questions like ‘ why did humans originally think that the earth was flat?’ or ‘which came first, the egg or the chicken ?’ Firstly, it’s awesome that your mind is active and curious enough for you to be constantly asking questions about something. It’s not something that all people can do.
secondly, you can just send your question to me by mail ( mentioned in the contact page) or you can just comment on one of my posts

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